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Million Dollar Laptop – Are you serious ?


You wont be surprised if it was a Luxury Car or a Home in Dubai, but seriously, its a laptop !!

Luvaglio is a recently established computer company entering the luxury devices market. The boutique claims to be developing a notebook computer of handmade shell, with a guide price of $1 Million.


Perhaps there are options to have your personalized shine on this gadget with precious stones.


So when are you ordering one ?


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How fashonable can you go upto ? – LED laced shoes to stand you out of the crowd !


LED Shoelaces in Blue

These LED laces will simply leave you in the spotlight when it comes to outrageous wardrobes. Add this accessory to your wardrobe and you will be sure to get everyone talking.

How to Use
  • Install 1x 3V CR2016 button cell battery into each control box.
  • Lace up your shoes with these 2 shoelaces.
  • Insert the top of each lace into the 2 holes of the control box, switch the lock to “lock” mode.
  • Push the white button in turn to control the lights: on/flash/strobe/off.
  • Light source: LED
  • Light color: Blue (as shown in the pictures)
  • Modes: Long light/fast flash/slow flash
  • Powered by: 1 x 3V CR2016 button cell battery for each control box (2 batteries included)
  • Shoelace color: Transparent
  • Shoelace material: Glass fiber
  • Control box material: ABS
  • Control box size: 5.8×3.0×1.9cm
  • Length: Approx. 82cm
  • Net weight: 42g
Item Includes:
1 x Pair of LED Shoelaces
2 x Batteries

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Hidden danger in 3D movies ! – 3D glasses

Shared glasses carrying conjunctivitis, bad enough to leave you infected for a long time.

Next time you visit the cinema to catch a 3D movie, ensure that the glasses provided for viewing are sterilized. The sharing of 3D glasses is one of the factors for the increase in conjunctivitis cases of late. With the monsoon round the corner, the eye infection will only spread faster, say doctors.

“Using unsterile 3D glasses previously worn by an infected person could leave you infected. Thousands of people watch films everyday, and given the popularity of 3D movies it is necessary that extra care be taken for the sterilisation of eyewear,” said an expert. He said use of disposable glasses was advisable.

What is conjunctivitis?


Inflammation is seen as reddish change in the periphery of the eye often accompanied by a pus-like discharge.

Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, which is the mucous membrane covering the white of the eyes and the inner side of the eyelids.

It usually affects both eyes at the same time – although it may start in one eye and spread to the other after a day or two. It may be asymmetrical, affecting one eye more than the other.

There are many causes and the treatment will depend upon the cause.

Conjunctivitis is a common eye condition. It’s not serious, but it can be uncomfortable and irritating.

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Why do we laugh ?

Laughter is a part of human behaviour regulated by the brain, helping humans clarify their intentions in social interactions and providing an emotional context to conversations.

It is emotions that searate a human being from machines – thats a truth (for atleast till date)

So where these emotions come from ?

Emotions are more subtle than instincts, in part they are ideas. They change with time, and can shape the destiny of entire nations.

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To be positive,…


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