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Flying domestic ? – here is the detailed comparison of which flight to choose.

Domestic flying in india is something that has taken a boost.

While the airlined are enjoying consistent increase in passenger bookings, there is noway the air fare seems to be on the reducing edge. (except for some recent promotional offers)

Here is the Rank wise position of all the famous indian airlines.

RANK 1  – Jet AirwaysImage

 Number 1 airline in India

 27 per cent of market share

Highest on-time performance of 94%

RANK 2 – Air India



On-time performance 82%

Came in operations on 1 August 1953

In total, Air India airlines flies to 76 destinationa out of which 18 are abroad.


RANK 3 – Indigo


On-Time performance – 89.9%

147 flights per day

Budget airlines


RANK 4 – Go Air



On-time performance 80.1%

1.8 complaints were registered per 10,000 passengers.

Budget airlines

120 flights per day


RANK 5 – Spicejet


On-time performance – 82.7 per cent.

There were 3.5 complaints which were registered per 10,000 passengers. 


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